Months ago, I had wanted an altar table to place all of my sacred treasures on so that I could have a special place to meditate in front of. I stumbled across the company Nongnits Treasures, and was immediately drawn to all of their seemingly beautiful items. I thought it was suspicious that they had almost no reviews or testimonials, but was too enthralled to care. What a mistake that was.. I found the exact table I had in mind, and ordered it. After not hearing anything from the seller for a week, I emailed them to inquire about my table. I received a very speedy reply, which I took as a good sign. They said it had been shipped out, and I waited for over a month before it finally arrived. When I opened it, I was heartbroken. Not only was it an entirely different set/color, but one that was worth exactly $100.00 less. Most importantly though, it was BROKEN. The leg was shattered, the gold on the sides was chipping off, and there was streaks of glue all over it. I was livid, and immediately sent pictures of the damaged goods to Dolly, the person I was in contact with. She apologized several times and said she would fix the problem ASAP. What a joke. After THREE MONTHS of emailing back and forth, all initiated by myself, I still have no replacement table. Like other reviewers have said, she promises over and over with every excuse possible that my table will arrive that week. I've asked several times for a tracking number, and all were dodged. My biggest regret is not filing a complaint sooner with Paypal. Another reviewer mentioned how she conveniently makes you wait just long enough that Paypal can't return your money. I only wish I had read these reviews sooner, but now it's too late. I fear I will never receive the right one, or a refund. If I somehow do, I will update my review.

The point I'm trying to make is, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. The below quote is from their website, and I find it infuriatingly ironic:

"We firmly believe in the universal law of karma, we want our clients to rest assured that the quality of our products are as advertised and published by our original photos on this site.

Since Nongnit's Treasures started as a tribute to my mother, Khun Nongnit, it is imperative that we address the "piracy issue" as my mother would never tolerate unethical values, business or otherwise. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable and important practicing ethical business values can be for long term sustainable growth of our future."

If your company actually believes in the law of karma, then you should know you will get what's coming to you. Your business practices are unethical, and your mother would be ashamed.

Monetary Loss: $380.

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